The snail speaks of Francofolie! Francophonie !

That will delight our brothers on the other side of the ocean! The shark is caught since this morning and jupiter perore non-stop on television news for a strong return of the Francophonie to the four corners of the world. He almost believed it! It’s so good to write in a new language, that language that I neglected so much on the benches at the N’Djamena college. When I was in high school, I mean when I was young, I thought why break me with this rocking language as no one speaks in Chad: of course I could not see further than the tip of my nose or by pure negligence. A drawing on this beautiful day of spring, cold and sunny. As you can see, my assistant translates word by word so I confess that I do not understand what I’m saying here. Go to work Jupiter! Let’s walk or die! Kiss

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